Our whiteboards are produced using world-leading PolyVision CeramicSteel surfaces. When it comes to the rigors of classrooms and offices, e3™ CeramicSteel simply outperforms. It won’t scratch, stain or fade—guaranteed. It’s also stronger and healthier, delivering unmatched erasability and a consistently smooth writing experience, which means higher quality communication for educators. PolyVision e3 are magnet receptive and can be written on with dry-erase, semi-permanent, water-soluble or permanent marker, chalk, pen or crayon without damaging the surface. In fact, its durability has made it the surface of choice for the manufacture of interactive whiteboards. PolyVision e3 CeramicSteel is 99.9% recyclable and the only globally Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM surface of its kind. It is safe and clean, and emits no harmful chemicals into the environment. CermaicSteel surface enjoys a ‘Forever Warranty’ as outlined by PolyVison.

Choose from high gloss, low gloss and projection surface options to suit your lighting environment with minimal glare.

Our standard Ultraline Aluminium frame includes pen tray, plastic rounded corners and a concealed fixing system. We also offer Fineline frame and Elite frame as an option to suit your décor.

We provide a wide range of whiteboard application solutions. Ranging from fixed, concealed wall mounting to lecture theatre sliding style options, we offer expert advice to help your achieve best outcome for your visual surface needs.


The super smooth matte finish chalk surfaces won’t leave annoying ‘ghost writing’ and yield less chalk dust for a cleaner, healthier environment.

Mobile whiteboards

Mobile whiteboards feature double sided PolyVision CeramicSteel surface in an Ultraline Frame and are mounted on a powder coated steel stand, available in either pivoting or fixed position.  The frame is fitted with lockable rolling castors for ease of movement and safety.  Mobile whiteboards are also available in a combination of materials – whiteboard on one side and your choice of fabric, cork or bulletin board on the other.

Combination boards

Combination boards offer flexibility particularly when space is limited. Choose from a combination of whiteboard, cork board or bulletin board. These are wall mounted and the surfaces are butted together and set in the standard Ultraline Aluminium frame. We also offer Fineline frame or Elite frame as an option to suit your décor.

Glass whiteboards

Bring the elegance and versatility of glass into your home or office. This whiteboard is made from 6mm toughened Starphire Glass and features stainless steel mounting buttons. The glass can be left clear or alternatively colour or vinyl may be incorporated for a custom-made look.

Lockable notice boards

Lockable noticeboards are made with a proprietary aluminium trim integrating 6.38mm laminated safety glass sliding doors.  These noticeboards are perfect for public areas or where security of information is paramount.  Alternatively 6mm acrylic doors are available instead of glass; the pinable surface comes in cork, bulletin board or fabric.  Talk to our friendly staff about finishing and size options.


  1. VIORICA FAVETTA Nov 05, 2019

    HI I’m after a quote for 2 and 4 whiteboards, either magnetic or acrylic, ideally custom size at 3500×1350 or 3000×1350 or 3500×1200 or 3000×1200
    Can you please also quote Delivery and Installation during and outside your business hours.

  2. Rod McDonald Jan 07, 2020

    Hi I am after a quote for a white board. I would like it to be magnetic with aultra line profile. 1820mm wide X 1715mm high. If you need any further information please call me on 0407651425.


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